Boris Polsek

After looking at another boring plastic Bluetooth speaker in the store, I thought, this can be done differently.

'How exciting would it be to have a Bluetooth speaker that is made from a real coconut? Nobody is doing it.'

Since there are no manufacturers that can produce a speaker like this, a long and hard journey to develop a commercially viable production process had to be taken.

a lot

Harder than imagened

I'm talking about the hardness of the coconut shell of course! Turned out to be a really strong and suitable material to make speakers from. One can easily hold the weight of an adult.

There is only one downside. Every coconut is different in shape and size. Through an innovative process of pre-selecting for a certain diameter + manually selecting for sphericity, could perfect coconut shells be found and further processed.


Product development

Cocobo was invited (left middle) to the Sound Hub Denmark, an incubator program to further the development and help with acoustical engineering.


Manufacturing challenges

A detailed plan to approach the manufacturing processes was taking shape during approximately 5000 hours of dedicated trial and error (yes, really).