A handcrafted speaker made out of a real coconut

A natural coconut speaker built with love and care


Amazing that there are wooden spheres growing in nature…


Let’s use that potential by turning the shell into a beautiful coconut speaker.


An audio system with coconuts as speakers. For use in shops, restaurants or at home.


Because it is important to use our natural resources in the best possible way.

Cocobo natural coconut speaker on wall

Enrich your natural interior

With fruits from the Tree of Life.

Cocobo natural coconut speaker driver

Small size, big sound…

The driver from Gallo Acoustics is specially designed to get the most sound out of a small enclosure. Because of this, the Cocobo sounds a lot deeper and louder than other speakers the same size.

Cocobo natural coconut speaker rope wire

Connect to the amplifier with style

The Cocobo is a passive speaker that can be connected via matching optional ‘rope’ speaker wire to the amplifier. A natural addition to your coconut speaker audio setup.


The Cocobo can be planted wherever you want


The coconut speaker can be mounted on the optional wall mount or placed on the coconut ring.


How are they being made? The making of a coconut speaker.


Cocobo | Natural coconut speaker

€179 Including VAT

Handmade in the Netherlands

Diameter: 120mm (+/- 8%)

Frequency response: 100Hz to 18 kHz

Sensitivity: 89 dB/w 2.8v (1m)

Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms

Power handling: 50 Watts RMS

Driver: 3 inch full range



Boris Polsek (founder)